Thursday, September 24, 2009

Orange Water

While writing the “Orange Water Anyone” blog entry I realized that I had not cleaned my Carico water filter in about 3 months and I had not replaced the cartridge in about a year. I sometimes forget as our filtered drinking water is
always crystal clear.

Upon reading the story on WSVN, Orange Water, it reminded me of the unsightly condition of the main water pipe that delivers fresh drinking water
to our house (pictured above).

I wanted to demonstrate how rust and calcified buildup gets trapped in the Carico Water Purification System and not in your drinking water. When removed from the housing you can see the cartridge is nearly the same
color as the pipe and has a thick, orange slimy coating on the outside.

Notice how the build-up is easily cleaned from the surface of the filter by simply scrubbing it and then rinsing it. In cases like this the filter should be cleaned at least once per month. Also look at the difference in color when
compared to a new cartridge.

The filtered water is clear, clean and tastes terrific which is unbelievable based on the not so pristine state of the incoming water pipe. Caricoʼs Water Purification System does the job well.

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