Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Florida among the top ten states for dirty tap water

A recent New York Times series called "Toxic Waters" has rightly drawn attention to the issue of drinking safe – or unsafe, as the case may be – tap water.

The reports reveals that the federal government could do a much better job of regulating the Clean Safe Water Act. Apparently, 40 percent of the U.S. community water systems are in violation, resulting in what appears to be unsafe drinking conditions. About 23 million Americans consume "low-quality" water from the tap.

Florida's dirtiest water: Florida ranks among the top ten dirtiest states, according to AOLHealth.com. The website reports that approximately 17 million Floridians have been exposed to bad tap water containing more than 100 contaminants. More than 9 million Floridians, for example, may have been in contact with barium runoff from mines. For some perspective, approximately 25,000 of those 9 million people were exposed to amounts of barium considered to be unsafe. Additionally, about 11 million state residents may have drunk water with radium-26, found around natural uranium deposits, with more than 11,000 of those coming into contact with high levels.

California, Wisconsin and Ohio also join the list of states with dirty water. Check out AOL's photo gallery with the 10 worst states.

Unfortunately, we can't simply turn to bottled water, as many manufacturers do not fully report where they obtain the water, nor what is in it.

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