Friday, October 30, 2009

Carico gets involved with the ARC of the Palm Beaches

A special “Love at First Bite” fundraiser for the ARC of the Palm Beaches was held recently and Carico was actively involved in this very successful benefit. Since 1958 the ARC has been a leader in advocating and serving people with disabilities and their families.

Carico played a significant role in this very worthy cause by making a significant donation. But more importantly Carico participated by providing staff, time and equipment to help make this event a success. Carico President, Richard Cappadona, emceed the event and live auction, and Patti Lista served on the committee overseeing the fundraiser. The event brought in over $80,000, which will directly benefit the people served by the agency.

The ARC relies on the generosity and compassion of the people in the surrounding community, and Carico was wholeheartedly there with a helping hand to help those in need.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweets May Not Be So Sweet

Eating sweets could lead to a life of crime if you believe the recent story in the L.A Times that reports on a Cardiff University research study in the United Kingdom that hypothesizes that, “Excessive confectionary consumption increases the likelihood of violence in adulthood.”

The study was published in the October issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry and found sixty-nine percent of the people they studied who were violent criminals ate sweets nearly everyday when they were younger. Only forty-two percent of non violent people they studied reported the daily consumption of sweets.

This hypothesis may or may not be true. What is true is that over consumption of sweets may lead to obesity, diabetes and teeth problems. Sweets, just as many things, should be enjoyed in moderation.

To maintain excellent health we recommend eating a nutritionally balanced diet, regular exercise and plenty of rest.

Caricoʼs complete line of health and wellness related products offer people distinct opportunities to make healthy choices.

Caricoʼs Waterless Cookware helps people to receive more valuable vitamins and nutrients from their foods without excess grease.

Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an easy way to boost your immune while enjoying that extra energy and great taste.

Caricoʼs Water Purification Systems are NSF approved and remove many potential contaminants before theyʼre ingested.

Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Air Purification System is highly effective at mitigating indoor air pollution and utilizes an innovative ten stage filtering cartridge that contains a HEPA filter.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fresh Vegetables vs. Store-bought

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Penne Pasta with Basil 6 servings
From a recent trip to the green market I purchased a beautiful, organic sweet red pepper. It was much larger than the red peppers at the regular supermarket at nearly twice the size (pictured above). I paid two dollars and forty-nine cents per pound for these organic peppers which was exactly one dollar less per pound than the non organic ones in the supermarket. I asked the farmer when that pepper was harvested and he informed me that it was picked about five am that morning which means that I purchased it when it was six hours old.

I asked a local supermarket produce manager about the vegetables he receives and he stated that when they receive a shipment it is usually about two to three days old. He says that they remain on the supermarket floor for one to two days. So it would be possible for the vegetables and fruits purchased in this supermarket to be between three and five days old.

By purchasing fruits and vegetables at the farmers market you get better looking, fresher, much larger, organic produce for a significantly cheaper price. It makes the most sense.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Food Storage System is one of the best ways to keep your fresh vegetables fresh. By vacuum sealing the container it actually helps keep foods fresh three to five times longer.

Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is a delicious way to enjoy all the tremendous benefits that come with juicing and a trip to the farmers market.

Starting Good Food Habits Begins in the Womb

A recent article in Time Magazine reports on a Stanford University study by clinical professor, Alan Greene that states children can acquire nutritional intelligence which will help them make healthier choices when they are older. He says this food imprinting begins when the child is in the mothers womb. He stresses that this is a learned behavior that begins with the food the mother eats while pregnant.

A separate study published last year in The Journal of Physiology revealed the long term effect of good imprinting. This study showed that, “When mothers eat healthy foods while pregnant and nursing, the metabolism of the offspring is set differently” said Greene.

At Carico we offer people choices with a complete line of health and wellness related products.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Tech II Waterless Cookware uses a high quality stainless steel and cooks with little of no added water and without grease. It seals in all the vitamins and flavor.

Caricoʼs Nutrit-Tech Juice Extraction System is an outstanding way to supplement your diet and build your immune system and the many different juices you can make taste great.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Many Ways To Fight The Flu

A recent report by CNN Medical Producer Val Willingham states that although getting vaccinated is the best way to fight the flu, there are other things people can do to increase their chances for staying healthy.

The first thing you should do is attempt to boost your immunes system because your immune system is your main protection against disease. The best way to boost your immune system is by proper nutrition, regular exercise and getting plenty of rest.

According to Katherine Tallmadge, national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, “Your nutrition profoundly affects your ability to fight disease.” She says that you should include plenty of lean protein and fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

At Carico we feel the same way and have developed a line of health and wellness based products to aide people in achieving their health and wellness goals.

The Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an effective method for increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Caricoʼs Waterless and Greaseless Cookware, Ultra-Tech II, is an easy way to stay healthy as you can cook your vegetables without boiling or adding grease. Your foods are basted in their own natural juices and taste delicious.

Air Pollution Linked to Appendicitis and Ear Infections

A recent story in the L.A. Times reports on two different ailments, appendicitis and ear infections, with one thing in common; air pollution.

In a study by the Canadian Medical Assn. researchers studied the records of about five thousand appendicitis patients and found that the risk of appendicitis more than doubled when summer pollution was at its highest.

In the ear infection study, researchers presented at the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Conference in San Diego, and found that when the four major pollutants-carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous dioxide and particulate matter-decreased nationwide over a ten year period, the number of children having more than 3 ear infections also declined.

Either study canʼt conclusively state that air pollution causes the above health problems only that there is some connection between the two.

According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is a greater health threat than all environmental problems because people spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors. Infants, small children, the elderly and the immunocompromised are at an even greater risk.

In order to mitigate indoor air pollution there are steps you can take.

First, eliminate the source. Second, try and improve ventilation but make sure it is a dry clear day. Third, utilize Caricoʼs Nutri Tech Air Purification System. This very useful small appliance circulates clean air in the areas you need it most. At the heart of the 10 stage filtering cartridge is a HEPA filter which is what most hospitals use.

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Rewards of the Green Market

Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Penne Pasta with Basil 6 servings

4 chicken Breast
4 zucchini
4 yellow squash
2 red onion
2 red bell pepper
1 butternut squash
1/4 cup olive oil
4 teaspoons minced garlic
1 cup chopped basil
4 cups whole wheat penne pasta
1 bottle Italian dressing
1 cup sun dried tomatoes (optional)

My first trip to the green market was enjoyable and delicious. I thought I would share a wonderful recipe that rewarded my taste buds with a tantalizing array of distinct flavors and colors while being healthy at the same time.

I used fifteen dollars in cash to purchase four organic zucchini, four organic yellow squash, two very large organic red peppers, two organic red onions and one organic butternut squash. I received three dollars in change so the vegetables, which will be used for four meals, cost about twelve dollars.

I purchased free range chicken breast at a bulk outlet where you get about sixteen chicken breast for twenty dollars ($1.25 per breast). I washed all the vegetables and 4 chicken breast in clean filtered water from Caricoʼs Water Purification System. The recipe above is for about 6 servings as I always double every recipe so that I may have healthy left overs later on. If your taking the time to cook, it only takes a few minutes more to create an additional meal.

I peeled and diced (large dice) the red peppers, butternut squash and red onions. I cut the zucchini and squash in half with the tips removed (cutting in half makes these easier to grill). I then marinate the vegetables and chicken in an Italian dressing for fifteen minutes in my Carico Ultra-Vac Food Storage containers.

I then lightly grilled all of the vegetables. I use a flat grill rack for the onions, peppers and butternut squash. I put the chicken, zucchini and squash directly on the grill grate. It is vital that you only lightly grill the veggies, you want them to be al dente. The chicken, you must cook until done. Cut the zucchini, squash and chicken breast into smaller one inch pieces before adding them to the saute pan.

After the grilling process, I prepare some whole wheat pasta ( 4 cups), I use penne pasta and remember this is for six meals. I make sure to not over cook the pasta as you want it to have a firm texture.

Once the pasta is ready, I add the pasta and the grilled veggies and chicken to my Carico Ultra-Tech II thirteen inch gourmet skillet. I chop up and add about one cup of fresh basil, four teaspoons of fresh minced garlic, four teaspoons of fresh ground pepper, one cup of sun dried tomatoes and one-fourth cup of organic olive oil and saute it for about 10 minutes with the lid on. Make sure to stir the the ingredients every few minutes.

The finished product is a colorful, delicious treat that is healthy and cost less than 4 dollars per serving and yields 6 servings.

I package the three left over servings and freeze them in my Carico Ultra-Vac container and have a healthy meal ready to enjoy for the upcoming busy work week.

Water Drinkers May Have Healthier Diets

According to a Reuters Health national health survey of more than twelve thousand Americans. People who drank more “plain water” tended to have healthier diets overall.

They tend to eat more fiber, less sugar and consumed less calorie dense foods. The opposite was true of people that got much of their fluids from other beverages.

Although it doesnʼt prove drinking water makes for healthier eaters, it may prove that people who consume mostly water are more conscious about their everyday decision making thus would be more apt to choose healthier choices in all facets of their lives.

Caricoʼs Water Purification Systems can provide fresh, clean water for all of your household needs. Caricoʼs Fifteen inch stainless steel model uses a highly effective, silver impregnated, ceramic cartridge that removes a substantial number of contaminants while providing delicious, chlorine free water for drinking and cooking.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bottled Water Waste Resources

According to Green, in 2008 Americans spent nearly eleven billion dollars on over eight billion gallons of bottled water that used over seventy million plastic bottles each day. Then we threw away over twenty-two billion plastic containers that used over one and a half million barrels of oil to produce and this does not include the oil and gasoline used for transport. Ironically, according to the website, it takes five liters of water to produce the plastic bottle that holds one liter of water. An illogical waste of resources is an understatement.

Bottled water is perceived to be healthy and convenient but that is not always the case. Based on a four year study of over one hundred-three brands of bottled water, The National Resources Defense Council reported that one-third or thirty-four brands had levels of bacteria that exceeded purity guidelines. And when it comes to convenience which is easier; driving to the store and purchasing enough water for the week then transport it back, carry it inside and find a place to store it. When you are finished you then must deal with the empty containers that take up space.

The sensible solution is to filter your water at the point of use. Carico’s Water Purification Systems remove chlorine, chemicals, organic substances and many other impurities. What could be easier than pulling a container from the cupboard and filling it up.

You can purchase a reusable, BPA free plastic water container for under ten dollars. With a case of bottled water costing about five dollars ($.22 per bottle), even at your bulk purchasing outlets, you would save over seventy-five dollars per year by not purchasing bottled water. A family of four would save over three hundred dollars per year assuming one bottle per person per day.

If you consider the amount of oil and gas saved in production and transport this small change could have a major positive impact on society and on the health and finances of families all over the world.

Boca Raton Green Market

The Boca Raton Green Market opened last weekend. Although it was hot outside, there were plenty of cool, healthy items to be found inside the market. There were a wealth of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. They offered organic as well as non organic items. The organic items were a little more expensive but still much less expensive than organics purchased in stores. Bananas at forty-nine cents per pound. Jumbo organic red peppers (they were delicious) at twoforty-five per pound.

Several of the farmers I spoke to said that they are just now beginning to harvest and they should have an even larger selection of fruits and vegetables in the coming weeks.

One thing I noticed while chopping up the fresh vegetables with my Carico Professional Collection Cutlery. Not only did the vegetables appear to be larger and have a more vibrant color, they infused my entire kitchen with a fresh, pungent aroma of fresh, raw vegetables. I cook quite often and this was the first time I noticed this delicious aroma.

Of course that evening I used my Carico Ultra-Tech II Waterless Cookware to saute the vegetables and eventually use them in a pasta dish along with the fresh basil I picked up at the green market. It was totally fresh and delicious.

Attending the green market was definitely a trip I will be making often. The Boca Raton Green Market is open from 8 am -1 pm every Saturday through May. To find farmers markets in your area visit

Monday, October 12, 2009

Antioxidants Help Your Immune System

Antioxidants are molecules that slow chemical reactions by removing key pieces of the chain that are responsible for oxidizing cells and producing free radicals. Free radicals start chain reactions that damage cells.

According to an article from the Daily Press, there are several ways to get more antioxidants in your diet. The top 3, eat a lot of fresh fruit, eat more spinach and donʼt overcook vegetables.

It states that fresh fruit has more antioxidants than cooked fruit. A great supplement to your diet is juicing. You could actually mix in a little spinach and load up on antioxidants.

Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is the perfect tool for great health. Caricoʼs Ultra-Tech II Waterless and Greaseless Cookware is a fantastic way to prepare all your vegetables. Itʼs so easy and the veggies will taste great.

Cha, Cha, Cha...Chia… For Dinner

Everyone knows that Chia Pets are fun. There is nothing more exciting for a child than watching a bald, odd shaped figurine grow the most gorgeously thick, vibrantly colored head turf that would make the hair club for men squeal with envy.

According to this great website, My Seeds Chia.Com, this very same seed is available in a food grade that contains more calcium than a glass of milk, more omega 3 fatty acids than Salmon and more iron than spinach.

Even better you can mix it with clean water to create a gel and use it for cooking and baking as a healthy replacement for butter. These tiny little seeds can hold up to twelve times their own weight in water which makes them great for hydration.

Caricoʼs Water Purification Systems provide clean water that is perfect for making chia gel plus all your cooking and drinking needs.

Stretching is Good for Your Arteries

A recent article from the L.A. Times reports that stretching is good for your arteries.

Even more important the Japanese research project found that trunk flexibility is a good indicator of arterial flexibility. Conversely the opposite is true, people that may be stiff around the midsection have arteries that have lost some elasticity. Arterial elasticity is what keeps blood flowing well and keeps your blood pressure normal.

The study also strengthens the argument for regular exercise as flexibility is a benefit that comes from regular exercise. Itʼs very important to be properly hydrated while exercising.

Drinking the recommended amount of clean water is key to improving flexibility. Our bodies are mostly water. Water lubricates our tissues and keeps us limber. It flushes out excess waste and keeps our skin plump and healthy.

Caricoʼs Water Purification Systems are an excellent method of receiving all the benefits associated with drinking clean, fresh water.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teenagers Diet Suffering

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), less than ten percent of high school students are eating the combined recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables.

The report found that only 13 percent of U.S. High school students get at least 3 servings of vegetables per day while 32 percent get two servings per day. The report states that there is a gap between what people should be eating and what they are actually eating.

A quick way to get the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables is to make a glass of fresh, nutrient rich juice. Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an easy way to make juice and is great for teenagers and parents on the go. One glass can provide over half of the essential vitamins and nutrients that youʼll need for an entire day. For even more tasty fun you can save the pulp and use it to make muffins or even a carrot cake.

Walking is Simple Exercise

A recent CNN article focuses on something most people do everyday.
Yes, walking is an outstanding form of exercise. Itʼs simple, free and can be done almost anywhere. You donʼt need fancy equipment, DVDʼs or gym memberships although a little music has been know to help ones workout.
Walking can help fight disease and help improve ones positive mental outlook. All you have to do is walk just a little more each day or each week.
You can begin with as little as 5 minutes per day.

For a natural energy boost before you walk, why not use Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System to prepare a flavorful glass of carrot orange juice. Youʼll receive an energy boost while while enjoying a delicious drink full of Vitamin C and Beta Carotene.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Find Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In Your Community

According to a great website Local, the best organic food is whatʼs grown closest to your house. The food spends less time in hot, dirty warehouses or in the back of a truck.
Fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and distributed at local farmers markets are a few days fresher, offering even more nutrition.

Finding a farmers market close to your house is as easy as going to the Local Harvest website and entering your zip code.
Once your acquire your fresh fruits and vegetables, use Caricoʼs Waterless and Greaseless Cookware to seal in all those valuable vitamins an nutrients. The food taste better and is better for you.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Food Storage System is an innovative way to keep your foods fresh for much longer.
And if your looking for that energy boost, Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an all natural way to boost your immune system and increase your stamina and energy.

Air Pollution Lowers IQ

A recent Time Magazine article sheds light on a new study published in the journal “Pediatrics” that links mothers exposure to high levels of environmental pollutants during pregnancy to a four point drop in childrenʼs IQ scores. This drop is significant according to Frederica Perera, lead author of the study. She compares the lower IQ scores to what you would typically see in children who were exposed to low levels of lead.
According to the EPA, Indoor air pollution creates a larger problem because people and pregnant mothers spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors. If you have an attached garage, coal burning furnace, gas fireplace or live next to a busy highway or urban street, it is possible for outdoor air to leach indoors.

Mitigating or removing the source of pollution or increasing ventilation can be helpful.

Caricoʼs Air Purification System is highly effective at combating indoor air pollution. It takes advantage of 10 complete stages with a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter in the center. HEPA filters are usually found in hospitals as they are one of the most effective filters on the market today.