Monday, October 5, 2009

Find Fresh Fruits and Vegetables In Your Community

According to a great website Local, the best organic food is whatʼs grown closest to your house. The food spends less time in hot, dirty warehouses or in the back of a truck.
Fruits and vegetables that are grown locally and distributed at local farmers markets are a few days fresher, offering even more nutrition.

Finding a farmers market close to your house is as easy as going to the Local Harvest website and entering your zip code.
Once your acquire your fresh fruits and vegetables, use Caricoʼs Waterless and Greaseless Cookware to seal in all those valuable vitamins an nutrients. The food taste better and is better for you.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Food Storage System is an innovative way to keep your foods fresh for much longer.
And if your looking for that energy boost, Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an all natural way to boost your immune system and increase your stamina and energy.

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