Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Boca Raton Green Market

The Boca Raton Green Market opened last weekend. Although it was hot outside, there were plenty of cool, healthy items to be found inside the market. There were a wealth of beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. They offered organic as well as non organic items. The organic items were a little more expensive but still much less expensive than organics purchased in stores. Bananas at forty-nine cents per pound. Jumbo organic red peppers (they were delicious) at twoforty-five per pound.

Several of the farmers I spoke to said that they are just now beginning to harvest and they should have an even larger selection of fruits and vegetables in the coming weeks.

One thing I noticed while chopping up the fresh vegetables with my Carico Professional Collection Cutlery. Not only did the vegetables appear to be larger and have a more vibrant color, they infused my entire kitchen with a fresh, pungent aroma of fresh, raw vegetables. I cook quite often and this was the first time I noticed this delicious aroma.

Of course that evening I used my Carico Ultra-Tech II Waterless Cookware to saute the vegetables and eventually use them in a pasta dish along with the fresh basil I picked up at the green market. It was totally fresh and delicious.

Attending the green market was definitely a trip I will be making often. The Boca Raton Green Market is open from 8 am -1 pm every Saturday through May. To find farmers markets in your area visit

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