Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Freshest of the Fresh- Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

All across the United States their is a growing trend towards purchasing fresh fruits and Vegetables directly from local farms. In many cases all organic. The prices are good, the food is fresh and itʼs grown in nutrient rich soil.
According to a recent Department of Agriculture census, sales nationwide have jumped almost 50 percent in 5 years. Most local cities have green markets or farmers markets that usually sell their goods on specific weekend mornings. People are purchasing healthier but are the preparing it properly?

Carico International has the perfect line of health and wellness products to enjoy these delicious, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Caricoʼs Waterless Cookware cooks without water or grease and delivers delicious color rich, firm textured vegetables that your entire family will love.

Caricoʼs Juice Extraction System is a powerful way to receive that additional energy and vitality from natures most powerful supplements, whole, fresh, fruits and vegetables.

Tips to Stretch your fresh foods budget

With more people eating at home today getting the most out of your food budget is a top priority for most families. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, grown locally is one alternative. Purchasing frozen veggies in bulk and portioning is another.
Some families even prepare and portion their fresh vegetables and freeze them to be eaten at a later date.

Check your local newspapers to find “Green Markets” or “Farmers Markets” that offer the best in locally grown fruits and vegetables, normally at a reduced price.

Carico International offers a complete line of products that can preserve your fresh fruits and vegetables and then prepare them in a way the entire family will enjoy.

Caricoʼs Waterless Cookware prepares fresh veggies quickly and effortlessly.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Storage Containers help keep oxygen out and flavor in.

Caricoʼs Juice Extraction Systems is a powerful way to increase your energy and build your immune system.

For a list of tips, 30 Ways in 30 Days to Stretch Your Fruit and Vegetable Budget visit

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Influenza Airborne, Not in Your Hands

A recent CNN article, “Some doubt hand washing stops H1N1” suggest that although hand washing is great at preventing the common cold and other illnesses, there really isnʼt much evidence that hand
washing fights the H1N1 virus.

This is because the virus is much less stable on the skin; instead it flourishes in the droplets of water that are expelled when one coughs or sneezes. Also breathing in airborne particles results in ingesting a larger dose of the virus. The CDC recommends that you remain at least 6 feet away from an infected person if possible to prevent the more common
airborne transmission.

Caricoʼs Air Purification system uses 10 separate stages to trap airborne viruses and particles. I clean it about once per month and the filter cartridge is literally covered with dust and other unknown particleʼs.

If that unknown dust or virus were not trapped in the air filter where would it be? In the carpet, in the air or even worse, in any of our respiratory systems.

Marinade Against Cancer

From Prevention Magazine (Aug 09 P. 52), saturating red meat in a wine or beer based marinade before grilling can reduce the amount of carcinogenic compounds associated with grilling. According to a study from the University of Porto in Portugal, a six hour soak dropped levels of harmful substances by up to eighty-eight percent.

A different study from Kansas State University found that preparing beef with rosemary reduced the same compounds by seventy-seven percent.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Food Storage containers are an easy way to marinate foods rapidly.
Thereʼs no need for hours of overnight marinating, with Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac it can be effectively done in a few minutes.

Orange Water

While writing the “Orange Water Anyone” blog entry I realized that I had not cleaned my Carico water filter in about 3 months and I had not replaced the cartridge in about a year. I sometimes forget as our filtered drinking water is
always crystal clear.

Upon reading the story on WSVN, Orange Water, it reminded me of the unsightly condition of the main water pipe that delivers fresh drinking water
to our house (pictured above).

I wanted to demonstrate how rust and calcified buildup gets trapped in the Carico Water Purification System and not in your drinking water. When removed from the housing you can see the cartridge is nearly the same
color as the pipe and has a thick, orange slimy coating on the outside.

Notice how the build-up is easily cleaned from the surface of the filter by simply scrubbing it and then rinsing it. In cases like this the filter should be cleaned at least once per month. Also look at the difference in color when
compared to a new cartridge.

The filtered water is clear, clean and tastes terrific which is unbelievable based on the not so pristine state of the incoming water pipe. Caricoʼs Water Purification System does the job well.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Healthy Eating Habits Are First Line of Defense in Flu Season

A Health Tip from University of the Sciences in Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Pa. – Healthy eating habits are an important part of maintaining a strong immune system. As cold and flu season get underway, breaking poor eating habits can not only prevent sickness, but also give you more energy, make you feel better about yourself, and help you live a healthier life. Ara DerMarderosian, PhD, professor of pharmacognosy for University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and an expert in nutraceuticals and natural foods, provides guidance to change how you eat and break habits that pack on the pounds and compromise immunity.

After reading this article I became more inspired about the importance of Carico’s products and appreciate the message in which Carico’s sales people deliver to their potential customers. Carico’s Nutri-Tech II nutritional waterless and greaseless cookware not only cooks fresh foods more nutritiously it preserves their nutritional values, more so than from boiling and or steaming their vegetables. Carico’s Nutri-Tech juice extractor will provide more nutrition in a single glass of fresh vegetables than one could attempt to consume from eating. Since our health and the health of our families is dependent upon the fresh and healthy food choices we make and the way in which we prepare them, owning and using Carico’s healthy products make more sense!

Age is enemy of safe water

How safe is the water you drink? After reading the following article it would make anyone question, “just how safe is our drinking water?” Due to aging pipes and frequent water pipe breaks, it has become increasingly important for consumers to protect their water source by adding a water filter to their home. There are many choices when it comes to a water filter for your home. Carico’s Full Spectrum Ceramic water filtration system offers protection and will stop particles that are 500 times smaller than a strain of human hair, such as 100% of live cryptosporidium, 100% of giardia lamblia cysts, 99% ecoli, 99% of salmonella. You cannot get this protection from a carbon only filter. For the protection your family and you need, we recommend Carico’s Full Spectrum Cartridge.

Article By: Pam Sohn
The greatest threat to safe drinking water here and across the country is the web of aging pipes that carry the liquid from treatment plants to taps, according to a microbiologist who researches water for American Water Co.

"Your water can be contaminated right out in the street in front of you," said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, director of innovation and environment stewardship for American Water Co., the parent company of Tennessee-American Water Co.

"The pipes in many towns were put in 100 years ago. It's not that uncommon to find some sections of pipes are carved out of tree trunks," he said.

When water pipes break, there's potential for far more than just spilled water. Because many pipes carrying fresh, clean water lie in the same ditches, tunnels and infrastructure rights of way as sewer lines, there is great potential for the drinking water to be contaminated.

Government officials increasingly are raising alarms. A June 2009 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report states 75 percent of the water distribution network's iron-based piping is older than 25 years and about half is older than 50 years.

Florida among the top ten states for dirty tap water

A recent New York Times series called "Toxic Waters" has rightly drawn attention to the issue of drinking safe – or unsafe, as the case may be – tap water.

The reports reveals that the federal government could do a much better job of regulating the Clean Safe Water Act. Apparently, 40 percent of the U.S. community water systems are in violation, resulting in what appears to be unsafe drinking conditions. About 23 million Americans consume "low-quality" water from the tap.

Florida's dirtiest water: Florida ranks among the top ten dirtiest states, according to The website reports that approximately 17 million Floridians have been exposed to bad tap water containing more than 100 contaminants. More than 9 million Floridians, for example, may have been in contact with barium runoff from mines. For some perspective, approximately 25,000 of those 9 million people were exposed to amounts of barium considered to be unsafe. Additionally, about 11 million state residents may have drunk water with radium-26, found around natural uranium deposits, with more than 11,000 of those coming into contact with high levels.

California, Wisconsin and Ohio also join the list of states with dirty water. Check out AOL's photo gallery with the 10 worst states.

Unfortunately, we can't simply turn to bottled water, as many manufacturers do not fully report where they obtain the water, nor what is in it.

Carico designed the most advanced water filtering systems in the world. Carico’s Wholehouse systems filter your entire house, condo, and or apartment. Carico also developed “point of use systems” which can be connected to all your interior water points, such as your kitchen sink, for washing your foods and for your cooking and drinking needs, for your bathroom sink for brushing your teeth and for washing your face, as well as for your refrigerator or wet bar to filter your water and your ice.

Are You Drinking Contaminated Tap Water?

As we all know, water is vital to life! Over 70% of our body is water and all body functions depend on water. Water rehydrates and replenishes our body. However in the last 100 years alone we have contaminated and polluted our environment more than since the beginning of time. This raises questions, such as, “Is our drinking and bathing water really safe? Are common water filters the answer? Is bottled water the answer? Because of the concerns we all have for our drinking and bathing water, Carico developed the most advanced water filtering systems in the world! The need for Carico’s Full Spectrum water filtration systems are greater than ever. This news article will help you better understand, just how really safe is our water?

Like many of you, we've been reading the New York Times "Toxic Waters" series with a mix of horror and confusion. AOL Health decided to take a closer look at their coverage of tap water, which exposed half a million violations of water pollution laws by manufacturers and other workplaces over the last five years, including dumping toxins thought to cause cancer. Most distressingly, state governments and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declined to prosecute the majority of offenders that flout the Clean Water Act, which regulates the integrity of the nation's bodies of water. With 40 percent of U.S. community water systems in violation of the Safe Water Drinking Act, which sets drinking-water quality standards and is directly linked to the Clean Water Act, 23 million people received low-quality drinking water. We wondered: Could we become part of the estimated 19.5 million Americans that fall ill each year from drinking water contaminated with parasites, bacteria or viruses? To better understand the report, and the future of American water overall, we spoke to James Workman, author of the book "Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought" and co-founder of SmartMarkets, a private venture that secures a tradable human right to water.

For the full report, including affected communities and state breakdowns visit

Monday, September 21, 2009

Officials Discover E. Coli In City Water

Tavares residents were told Saturday to boil water after a test found fecal coliform at unacceptable levels.

Yvonne Campbell with the Tavares Water Department said that during routine sampling on Saturday, one sample detected fecal coliform.

The state Department of Environmental Protection then put the city's water system on boil-water alert for 72 hours. After that, another sample will be tested before the all-clear is issued.

The city said residents should boil all water for one minute before using, or use bottled water for drinking, cooking, cleaning dishes, making ice and brushing teeth. Boiling kills bacteria and other organisms in the water.

Fecal coliform can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea and headaches. At special risk are infants, young children and people with severely compromised immune systems.

This above article is another reason why everyone should safe guard their health by owning Carico’s Full Spectrum Water Filtration System. Our unique 0.2 Sub Micron Silver Impregnated ceramic is NSF certified. They are tested worldwide, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe, Mexico and are the only water filter in the world that filters like this. Nutri-Tech, by Carico the world’s most advanced point of use water filtration systems.

With the concerns of fecal coliform at unacceptable levels, the need for a Carico Full Spectrum, NSF certified ceramic water filter cartridge is in greater demand. Carico’s ceramic will stop particles that are 500 times smaller than a strain of human hair. No home of office should be without a Carico Full Spectrum Water Filter Cartridge. Carico’s cartridge is capable of stopping 100% of live cryptosporidium, 100% of giardia lamblia cysts, 99% ecoli, 99% salmonella.

To safeguard your family and yourself we recommend that you install a Carico point of use Full Spectrum Cartridge in your home. Carico’s Water Filtration systems are your best source for water for all your washing of foods, cooking and for your drinking water.

5 Rensselaer County residents ill with 'Beaver Fever' after drinking water from spring

Rensselaer County health officials are warning residents not to drink water from a spring in the town of Stephentown after several residents fell ill with so-called Beaver Fever.

According to the county health department, six individuals became ill with Giardiasas -- commonly known as Beaver Fever -- after drinking water from a spring located a quarter-mile north of the intersection of Routes 22 and 43.

Five of the six are county residents, said county spokesperson Chris Meyer. They were separately identified as having the illness when their health care providers reported it to the county.

Giardiasas is an intestinal illness caused by a microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia, according to the state Health Department.

It is a fairly common cause of diarrheal illness whose symptoms can appear from 3 to 25 days after exposure, but usually within 10 days.

Anyone who's consumed water from the spring and are experiencing symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain or a combination of these symptoms is being urged to contact their doctor.

Treatment may consist of antibiotics.

The county has placed a fence around the spring with a sign warning of the potential health implications of consuming the water.

Carico’s Full Spectrum NSF certified water purification cartridge is the best defense against giardia lamblia cysts and will stop 100% of them. The ceramic cartridges have been independently tested by laboratories in USA, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Mexico. The results documents the effectiveness of the Carico water filters to remove/reduce contaminants from the water. No home or business should be without the protection which comes from owing one of Carico’s water filtration systems.

Prevention is your best medicine

The phrase "Prevention is your best medicine" has been heard by most of us. This expression can also relate to indoor air quality and the prevention of mold.

Mold in your home can be dan gerous to your health.

Mold can cause infections and breathing problems. Mold is a major allergy and asthma trigger especially in young children, elderly, pregnant women, and people who have a weakened immune system or some form of respiratory illness. Mold can cause infections and breathing problems.

This is why it is so important to purify your indoor air with one of Carico’s Air purification systems. Carico’s air purifiers utilizes five technologies and addresses all three contaminate groups, particulate, V.O.C.’s and Bio Aerosols, which include bacteria’s, fungi and mold.

The need for Carico’s Air Purification systems are greater today than ever! Carico’s Nutri-Tech air filters are the finest in the World.

Canadians' Focusing On Healthier Eating Habits

Toronto, Ontario (AHN) - More Canadians are shifting to healthier eating habits, according to a consumers report released over the weekend by a Toronto-based advertising agency.

The Bensimon Byrne Consumerology Report for September 2009 said most Canadians are worried about their health compared to two years ago. However, beyond fretting, they have acted on their concerns by purchasing more of healthier food choices, dining more often at home and opting for whole, unprocessed and fresh ingredients.

The survey, made by the Gandalf Group for Bensimon, found out that 60 percent of Canadians view as very serious threats to their health the use of hormones in animals raised for human consumption, salt and additive levels in processed food, E.coli and other harmful elements, pesticide use on fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity and obesity.

Aside from food, other top health threats cited by the survey participants were pollution and wait times in the health care system.

In response to growing concern over health issue, almost 60 percent of Canadians now prefer to eat at home where they have more control over the quality of meals served. About 66 percent increased the volume of healthier food ingredients bought when they go to the grocery and 50 percent have hiked their amount of exercise.

In deciding how healthy a food ingredient is, the top five criteria of Canadian consumers are: appearance of freshness, trans fat content, whole and unprocessed food, fat content and salt content.

The need for Carico’s waterless and greaseless cookware and Carico’s juice extractors are greater than ever. News articles like this one are showing that more people are shifting to healthier eating habits.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Orange Water Anyone?

And weʼre not talking about the fruit.

There was a story on the news recently about a woman in Pompano Beach, Florida who has a problem with the color of her water. Her water is literally orange from all the rust and sediment in the main water pipes that bring water into her house.

A few years back, in Boca Raton, we had our main incoming water pipe break and had to replace a small section. When the plumber removed the damaged section of pipe I could not believe my eyes (actual pipe pictured above). The condition of the pipe that supplied our drinking water was beyond disgusting. It was a deep rust/orange color and looked like a winding narrow cave, complete with stalactites and stalagmites on the roof and floor. I would not want to wash my car in that water much less drink it or even worse, feed it to our baby. Would anyone actually drink unfiltered water from that pipe if they could actually see where their water comes from?

Thankfully we have a Carico Water Purification System. Although the pipes are old and rusty, the water that comes out of the filtered line is fresh and clear as gin. It taste great and gives me peace of mind that our family is drinking clean water.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The need for clean, safe, healthy water is greater than ever

Here is a link to an article that recently appeared in The New York Times; we thought it would be helpful for you to read this article. The problem that exists in our drinking water has now become a global problem.

First Step: This is why the sale of Carico's water filtration systems have been in huge demand. Our water filtration systems are NSF certified. Our ceramic water filter cartridge is capable of stopping items in the water as small as 0.2 microns, which is 500 times smaller in size than a single strain of human hair.

Ecoli, salmonella, giardia lamblia cysts, cryptosporidium are water borne diseases that are found in many municipally treated water, as well as, in well water. Keep in mind that chlorine and other disinfectants used by the water treatment facility in your area do not address bacteria. This is in part why there are boil water alerts, until such time as the bacteria is flushed through the water pipe network.

But this raises questions, such as, how much water did someone consume before they knew of a boil water alert? Even after hearing of the boil water alert and not drinking the water, did the person flush the water from the won pipes in his/her home or from the refrigerator water line or ice maker line?

Remember, inexpensive "carbon only water filters" cannot stop bacteria and, in most cases, they become a breeding ground for more bacteria to thrive in. With Carico's ceramic, the porosity of the ceramic is smaller in size than the bacteria and, therefore, stops the bacteria from coming into the cartridge.

Second Step: Carico's Full Spectrum water filter cartridges use an equivalent of 300,000 square yards of media. This is similar in size to 60 football or soccer playing fields. We use a "compressed coconut shell based carbon" for all our filters. Our Full Spectrum cartridge is a more expensive carbon, but a finer quality water remains after the water filters through it.

Third Step: Our ultra filtering stage contains a special compressed blend of coconut shell carbon designed to remove any possible remaining contaminants.

Chemicals are more prevalent in our drinking water. Chemicals from manufacturing plants, automobile and agriculture run off, and pharmaceutical drugs that are flushed from our body end up in our town’s water supply. Even the formation of rain clouds can move contaminants from one country to the next and from one city to the next.

Older cities’ water pipe networks are causing contaminants to be picked up after the water leaves the municipality treatment plant enroute to your home.

Our water filter is very effective at absorbing any of the dissolved chemicals that are in your water supply.

Bottled water is usually not more than just tap water that has been filtered mainly to remove larger particles, which in most cases does not address bacteria.

Water bottles are made of plastic and plastic is made from chemicals. Many of these chemicals leach into the water that is in the plastic bottle. Studies document that water inside a plastic bottle may develop bacteria and other harmful contaminants. As the bottled water is shipped in containers via ships, trucks and/or trains from the manufacturing site to a store, the water bottles reach high temperatures due to the heat, thus posing more bottled water problems.

If you spend only $1.00 a day buying bottle water, you would spend more in a few years than what you would spend on a Carico water filter! The savings from not buying bottle water will actually pay for a Carico water Filter!

Here’s how Carico’s Nutri-Tech works.

The energy efficient fan pulls dirty air through a powerful two stage pre-filter.
Carico’s Nutri-Tech Stage 1, Polyweb Electrostatic pre-filter charges particles with static electricity, effectively trapping and holding them like a giant magnet.

Then, the Carico Pura-Tech advanced foam type pre-filter, with its millions of microscopic pores, captures the rest of the larger particles before they can clog up the sub-micron filters that follow.

For Maximum, long term cleaning efficiency we’ve made carico’s pre-filters so they are completely washable.
Then, carico packaged the sub-micron stages 3-7 in a separate replaceable cartridge.

Carico’s Nutri-Tech Stage 3 the micro- grip Tactified Filter This stage is treated with a super adhesive that increases the filter’s sub-micron particle holding capability.

The Carico’s Nutri-Tech stage four, a densely pleated, large HEPA filter, removes the smallest microscopic particles from the air stream eliminating up to 99.97% of all hazardous particles. HEPA filters are effectively used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and surgical units and are the expert’s #1 choice for safer homes and offices.

Carico’s Nutri-Tech Stage 5, The Micro-Antimicrobial Filter contains a specially treated material that kills micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses that get trapped by the HEPA filter, assuring you powerful protection you won’t find in filters from ordinary retail stores.

Carico’s Nutri-Tech filtering process continues with the sixth stage, a high capacity activated carbon filter that acts like a sponge absorbing a wide range of gases, chemicals and odors from the air in your home.

Carico’s Nutri-Tech Stage 7, The ultra-Purification Germ Warfare filter, Developed by cold war scientists to protect against deadly gas and viral warfare, gives you that extra measure of protection by removing and neutralizing any remaining gases, odors, or viruses.

Carico’s Nutri-Tech Stage 8, The ionization Stage. This Nutri-Tech stage creates a mild electrical field that negatively charges the air as it leaves the system, effectively refreshing your air like an invigorating mountain breeze.

And finally for the Carico ultimate protection against indoor air pollution, there’s the Carico’s Nutri-Tech 9th & final stage, THE DEODORIZING AND GERM-ELIMINATING OZONATOR.

This breakthrough technology simulates nature by generating ozone. This activated oxygen contains an extra oxygen atom which breaks away from the ozone molecule, oxidizing pollutants and odors, Forcing them out of your air, leaving behind oxygen, or fresh clean air. This feature offers maximum protection against unpleasant odors, and can be independently operated by remote control, or set automatically with a convenient, programmable timer.

It’s like harnessing the power of a thunderstorm, indoors.

And for those smaller jobs, there is Carico’s Compact Air Purification System.

The Carico compact is strong, lightweight and completely portable.

Plus, the Carico compact air purification comes with a powerful, multi-stage, replaceable cartridge that removes up to 99% of the airborne particles from your air.

With Carico’s air purification cigarette smoke, viruses, mold spores and much, much more.

And with the easy, programable timer, maintaining a clean air environment is automatic.

So when you have large air problems, that require compact, powerful solutions, try Carico’s compact air purification system and breathe easier today.

And now there is Carico’s Ultra Air Deodorizer, one of the most uniquely designed, lightweight, compact and portable, ozone producing appliances ever created.

Under normal use and with minimal care, your Carico ultra deodorizer will provide you with years of valued use and service.

Carico’s powerful air deodorizer is attractive and can go anywhere.

With Carico’s 4 convenient automatic timer settings and two fan settings, its the perfect appliance to keep your home, RV, or boat smelling clean and fresh.

Carico’s Ultra Air Deodorizer will eliminate gases and odors in clothing, Carpets, draperies, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

Carico’s Ultra Air Deodorizer comes with a cleanable pre filter and a replaceable deodorizer cartridge.

Carico’s Ultra Air Deodorizer also comes with an optional dc current car adapter so you can keep your vehicle smelling fresh.

Now, you can confidently and conveniently handle whatever problem areas you have in your home, office, vehicle, boat or wherever you need the power of Carico’s Ultra Air deodorizer air purification system.

When combating Indoor air pollution an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies too Expensive? NOT!

Eating the recommended amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is the backbone of a healthy diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beneficial to just about every organ in the body.

One common misconception is that itʼs more expensive to eat fresh, whole foods. According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture survey, you can purchase three servings of fruits and four servings of vegetables for well under two dollars. Thatʼs a lot less expensive than having cancer, high blood pressure or heart disease.

Caricoʼs Ultra-Tech II Waterless Cookware is a great way to seal in all the vitamins, nutrients and flavor of your vegetables.
Caricoʼs Ultra-Vac Food Storage System will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh even longer.

Caricoʼs Juice Extraction System is an easy way to supplement your diet and build your immune system.

Too find out how much fruits and vegetables you need visit

Monday, September 14, 2009

Home Filtering Systems Provide Best Drinking Water Protection

New York Times study shows one in 10 Americans potentially exposed

LISLE, ILL., Sept. 14/PRNewswire/ -- Following a comprehensive New York Times study revealing that ten percent of Americans face dangerous drinking water, the Water Quality Association today urges consumers to consider installing final contaminant barriers in their homes.

On Sunday, the newspaper reported results of its research in the second part of a major series on "toxic waters." Among its findings:
- Ten percent of Americans "have been exposed to drinking water that contains dangerous chemicals or fails to meet a federal health benchmark in other ways."
- Wells are more likely than municipal water systems to contain contaminants.
- An estimated 19.5 million Americans "fall ill" every year to contaminated water.

Carico developed the most advanced water filtering systems in the world. Carico’s water filtration systems are designed to filter your entire house, condo, apartment or address special “point of use” needs. Carico’s water filtration systems are inexpensive to operate and maintenance free.

Air Pollution can Raise Blood Pressure

A recent Time Magazine article, reports that air pollution can instantly raise blood pressure and cause unhealthy changes in blood vessels that last for hours or even days.

Scientist at the University of Michigan, led by Dr. Robert Brook found that the quality of the air you breathe can instantly effect your health.

The study measured the effect of air pollution in healthy people in two cites-Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toronto, Canada-where the people were exposed in the lab to the same amount of particulates and ozone that would be found near a local highway.
People who breathed in polluted air registered higher blood-pressure readings a short time after exposure, compared with those who breathed filtered air, and their blood vessels showed impairment as long as 24 hours later. This prolonged hypertension is a known risk for heart disease and stroke.

According to the EPA, there is a growing body of scientific evidence that indicates that indoor air pollution can be even more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Fortunately, Carico has developed one of the most effective air purification systemʼs on the market today. It features a fully cleanable pre-filter plus it automatically indicates when you need to replace the filtering cartridge.

Watermelon and Weight Loss

From Prevention Magazine (Aug 09 p. 48), a new study in the Journal of Nutrition suggest that eating watermelon may boost metabolism and promote weight loss. Itʼs actually not the watermelon that makes you loose weight but an enzyme, arginine,
found in watermelon that does it. Researchers used the enzyme to reduce the fat content of some obese mice by an eye
popping 64 percent.

Caricoʼs Nutri-Tech Juice Extraction System is an easy way to get more arginine in your diet. You donʼt even have to remove the outer rind. Caricoʼs Juice Extraction System has the power to juice the rind while ejecting the seeds and pulp. It doesnʼt get any easier than that.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems have been designed and manufactured by highly qualified and experienced Swiss engineers for more than 20 years.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems have a specially designed cover and hood on the pulp container which prevents any clogging. This saves the consumer time and energy and makes clean up easy and simple.

With Carico’s juice extraction system you are on the way to a more healthful, energetic lifestyle. You can be proud of your

Carico juicer investment in good health while enjoying deliciously, satisfying juices that will boost your immune system in only a few minutes a day.

Your health is so precious that you should do everything in your power to use a Carico juice extraction system to preserve and maintain it.

The “Liquid life” that comes from juicing raw fruits and vegetables with Carico’s juice extraction system is easy to attain and makes nutritional sense for you and your family.

When a Consumer wants the finest crafted Juice Extraction System in the World, they choose Carico’s Professional Stainless Steel Juice Extraction System. No other system looks or operates like it. It has a larger opening on top, which a small apple can fit through saving you time, work and energy, of not having to cut foods too small. It has an automatic pulp ejection system, which makes clean up easy.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems have a specially designed cover and hood on the pulp container which prevents any clogging. This saves the consumer time and energy and makes clean up easy and simple.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems are Swiss Engineered and Designed with 4270 watt (110 Y),240 Watt (230 V) suitable for 50 and 60 Hz. UL, CSA and CE approved. They are simply the finest designed and engineered Juice extraction Systems in the World.

Invest in Quality to Feed your Body

The CBS Early Show recently had a segment titled "What You Need in Your Kitchen" .

Their guest was Annette Flores, a test kitchen manager at Williams-Sonoma, a very well known, high end kitchen supply company. She stated that itʼs important to have the right equipment in the kitchen because cooking with the proper tools can be just as important as the ingredients themselves. She recommended choosing quality over quantity and said itʼs better to spend a little more on a set of quality cookware that will last a lifetime. She said that quality stainless steel has the best heat conductivity and to look for a handle that is ergonomic-al and fits comfortably in the hand.

It really made me wonder, do people ever stop to consider the cookware theyʼre using to prepare the fuel that is the basis for their existence. Is it possible that some people may be altering the nutritional value of their foods, simply by using less than quality cookware?

Fortunately there are healthful alternatives like Caricoʼs Ultra-Tech II Cookware, made from the highest quality stainless steel, Ultra-Tech II actually cooks your foods without water or grease. Foods retain their color, texture and taste terrific.