Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Freshest of the Fresh- Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

All across the United States their is a growing trend towards purchasing fresh fruits and Vegetables directly from local farms. In many cases all organic. The prices are good, the food is fresh and itʼs grown in nutrient rich soil.
According to a recent Department of Agriculture census, sales nationwide have jumped almost 50 percent in 5 years. Most local cities have green markets or farmers markets that usually sell their goods on specific weekend mornings. People are purchasing healthier but are the preparing it properly?

Carico International has the perfect line of health and wellness products to enjoy these delicious, wholesome fruits and vegetables. Caricoʼs Waterless Cookware cooks without water or grease and delivers delicious color rich, firm textured vegetables that your entire family will love.

Caricoʼs Juice Extraction System is a powerful way to receive that additional energy and vitality from natures most powerful supplements, whole, fresh, fruits and vegetables.

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