Monday, September 21, 2009

Canadians' Focusing On Healthier Eating Habits

Toronto, Ontario (AHN) - More Canadians are shifting to healthier eating habits, according to a consumers report released over the weekend by a Toronto-based advertising agency.

The Bensimon Byrne Consumerology Report for September 2009 said most Canadians are worried about their health compared to two years ago. However, beyond fretting, they have acted on their concerns by purchasing more of healthier food choices, dining more often at home and opting for whole, unprocessed and fresh ingredients.

The survey, made by the Gandalf Group for Bensimon, found out that 60 percent of Canadians view as very serious threats to their health the use of hormones in animals raised for human consumption, salt and additive levels in processed food, E.coli and other harmful elements, pesticide use on fruits and vegetables, lack of physical activity and obesity.

Aside from food, other top health threats cited by the survey participants were pollution and wait times in the health care system.

In response to growing concern over health issue, almost 60 percent of Canadians now prefer to eat at home where they have more control over the quality of meals served. About 66 percent increased the volume of healthier food ingredients bought when they go to the grocery and 50 percent have hiked their amount of exercise.

In deciding how healthy a food ingredient is, the top five criteria of Canadian consumers are: appearance of freshness, trans fat content, whole and unprocessed food, fat content and salt content.

The need for Carico’s waterless and greaseless cookware and Carico’s juice extractors are greater than ever. News articles like this one are showing that more people are shifting to healthier eating habits.

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