Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Age is enemy of safe water

How safe is the water you drink? After reading the following article it would make anyone question, “just how safe is our drinking water?” Due to aging pipes and frequent water pipe breaks, it has become increasingly important for consumers to protect their water source by adding a water filter to their home. There are many choices when it comes to a water filter for your home. Carico’s Full Spectrum Ceramic water filtration system offers protection and will stop particles that are 500 times smaller than a strain of human hair, such as 100% of live cryptosporidium, 100% of giardia lamblia cysts, 99% ecoli, 99% of salmonella. You cannot get this protection from a carbon only filter. For the protection your family and you need, we recommend Carico’s Full Spectrum Cartridge.

Article By: Pam Sohn
The greatest threat to safe drinking water here and across the country is the web of aging pipes that carry the liquid from treatment plants to taps, according to a microbiologist who researches water for American Water Co.

"Your water can be contaminated right out in the street in front of you," said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, director of innovation and environment stewardship for American Water Co., the parent company of Tennessee-American Water Co.

"The pipes in many towns were put in 100 years ago. It's not that uncommon to find some sections of pipes are carved out of tree trunks," he said.

When water pipes break, there's potential for far more than just spilled water. Because many pipes carrying fresh, clean water lie in the same ditches, tunnels and infrastructure rights of way as sewer lines, there is great potential for the drinking water to be contaminated.

Government officials increasingly are raising alarms. A June 2009 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report states 75 percent of the water distribution network's iron-based piping is older than 25 years and about half is older than 50 years.

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