Monday, October 12, 2009

Stretching is Good for Your Arteries

A recent article from the L.A. Times reports that stretching is good for your arteries.

Even more important the Japanese research project found that trunk flexibility is a good indicator of arterial flexibility. Conversely the opposite is true, people that may be stiff around the midsection have arteries that have lost some elasticity. Arterial elasticity is what keeps blood flowing well and keeps your blood pressure normal.

The study also strengthens the argument for regular exercise as flexibility is a benefit that comes from regular exercise. Itʼs very important to be properly hydrated while exercising.

Drinking the recommended amount of clean water is key to improving flexibility. Our bodies are mostly water. Water lubricates our tissues and keeps us limber. It flushes out excess waste and keeps our skin plump and healthy.

Caricoʼs Water Purification Systems are an excellent method of receiving all the benefits associated with drinking clean, fresh water.

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