Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Steel Cut Oat meal recipe for the Carico Ultra Cooker

This is another great recipe for Carico's Ultra Cooker:

• Place the ratio of water and oatmeal per instruction found on the can of steel cut oatmeal
• Place the lid, lock, place release valve in “closed position”
• Turn pressure control to “low”
• Push the “oatmeal function”
• Press the “start function”
• Red dashing lines will circle in the read out panel, if all was done correctly
• The pressure/heat is mounting
• Then the digital read out will eventually list in the window a minute reading, possibly 8 or 10 minutes, based on weight of oatmeal
• The minutes will count down, eventually four “- - - -“dashes will appear indicating that the cooking time is complete. Allow the pressure to release on its own accord, possibly, 5-10 minutes. When the pressure release valve has dropped it is safe to open the lid
• Press the cancel button

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