Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carico’s Professional Collection is the "State of the Art Cutlery"

Here is a definition of each of the knives in the Carico Collection:

Chef Knife, 8 inch/10 inch
The most versatile knife. It is used for cutting, slicing, chopping, and mincing. The curved blade allows rocking back and forth for fine chopping and mincing. This knife allows you to remove membranes from meat and meat from bones easily.

8 inch scalloped Utility Knife
The scalloped edges make neat work of slicing softer foods such as bread, tomatoes and cake.

10 inch Scalloped Slicer
The scallops will give a much cleaner cut. The scallops help reduce crumbing when slicing real bread and cake sponge The right knife for slicing through tough crust items. Due to the construction and design the cutting edge is protected by the scallops and the cutting edge does not touch the cutting board surface.

Carving Fork
It anchors the meat, making it easier and less messy to cut.

Paring Knife
The paring knife is great for working a blade in a small space. Paring apples, cutting fruits, butter flying shrimp, and seeding a jalapeno.

10 inch Carving Knife
Cleanly and efficiently cuts through meats to carve poultry, roasts, and hams after they have been cooked.

Bread Knife
The proper knife for cutting crusty and soft breads. A slicer or chef's knife cannot effectively dig in and grip the bread when you start to cut.

Meat Cleaver
Quickly cuts cleanly through meat and bone. Great for cutting a part a whole chicken, bone and meat.

Scalloped Trimming Knife
This knife, is used for cleanly cutting meat off bones. It is a favorite for poultry, and is utilized with brief, slicing strokes.

6 inch Fish Filet Knife
Sharp and fairly stiff, with plenty of strength for bones, yet flexible enough to remove the skin from fillets. It’s a simple, let’s-get-the-job-done knife.

7 inch Santoku Knife
The length and shape of the blade makes slicing, dicing and chopping super easy and the style of knife provides great balance, accuracy and handling. Although the blade is shorter and wider than a Chef's knife. The 'granton edge' releases food very well and cutting thin even slices of cheese is easily accomplished.
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