Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Cleaner school air equals higher math scores"

Read this article about school air, cleaner air equals higher math scores.

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  1. In october last year we were looking for air filters and neil came to our home to show us the Carico Nutri Tech Air Purifier, we were immediately impressed. Throughout this winter we definitely notice less dust, we have forces hot air and the dust was always a problem before, also when I cook the odors do not linger and the air has felt fresh and clean all winter with the windows closed. Along with our air purifier we are also enjoying the Ultra Vac System and are most impressed with how fresh the food stays and there is no discoloration from food storage... every other container we have used stains with spaghetti sauce, but not the Ultra Vac... it's great, we love these products.

  2. We were interested in purchasing the Carico Air Purification System because both my husband and I smoke and our two children do not. the Carico filtration is perfect; it cleans the air and keeps the house fresh. it's portable enough to move to different areas and it gives us the peace of mind we were looking for in our family situation... We love it and very happy with our decision to purchase the Carico unit.