Monday, April 18, 2011

Can the cookware you use bring on early menaupause!?

Apparently so! That is, of course, if you're using popular non-stick products made from or coated with Teflon....

For decades, products containing Teflon have been the topic of controversy as it was proven that Teflon could be linked to a variety of illnesses including, but not limited to, thyroid disorders and birth defects. These illnesses have not only been limited to humans but have also been linked to the deaths of many household pets.
  • "In two to five minutes on a conventional stovetop, cookware coated with Teflon and other non-stick surfaces can exceed temperatures at which the coating breaks apart and emits toxic particles and gases linked to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pet bird deaths and an unknown number of human illnesses each year, according to tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG)."
A study from West Virginia School of Medicine, which will be published in the Journal of The Endocrine Society, has sparked new controversy over a key chemical in Teflon. The study found that women who have higher levels of perfluorocarbon in their bodies have a higher chance of an early onset to menopause. 

Can you believe it!? Many of us work so hard at choosing the right foods necessary to create a healthy balance in our life and we take the time to prepare healthy meals for our family & friends using only the finest ingredients. Can you imagine, your family's health can be so drastically impacted by the cookware you use? Here's just another reason why it is not only important to chose the right foods, but what is most important is how and in what you prepare them in.

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