Monday, November 9, 2009

Top Five Eating Mistakes

According to Yahoo, people make simple eating mistakes that may be costing them their health.

1) People donʼt know good fats from bad ones.
2) People supersize to save money.
3) People areʼt aware of liquid calories.
4) People donʼt really know when theyʼre full
5) People use the microwave which promotes eating processed foods.

One other that is not on the list but people often donʼt consider is how they prepare their foods.

Boiling, frying and over steaming can destroy the nutritional value of even the healthiest foods.

Carico suggest preparing your foods the waterless and greaseless way with our Ultra-Tech II cookware. The temperature gauge and whistle valve alerts you when your foods are almost done to prevent overcooked, vitamin depleted meals.

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