Monday, August 10, 2009

Carico Juice Extraction System

When Carico decided to add a Juice Extraction System to its product line, they searched the world for the most respected and experienced juice extraction manufacturer. The factory Carico partnered with invented the juice extractor with an automatic pulp ejection, almost 50 years ago.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems are manufactured in a European factory which has been in business for over 50 years. The factory, has manufactured juice extractors for over 2 million customers under famous brand names such as: Carico, Juiceman, Kennwood, Braun, Bosch, Bauknecht, Krups, Golden Harvest and many more.

Carico Juice Extraction Systems have been engineered with a unique turbo switch, which quickly cleans the basket of pulp, and also balances the machine, eliminating any vibrations due to pulp build up. All of Carico’s juice extractors are easy to use and clean (throw away plastic bag can be placed in pulp container). A unique and highly reliable, air cooled Universal motor for continuous use has the capacity to juice up to 120 lbs carrots per hour.

Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems are designed and engineered with an additional safety handle lock. These units have a strong basket with 6 ribs. The Swiss engineered motors have 6300 R.P.M. and have an electronically governed speed control device which insures that the maximum amount of juice is separated from the pulp. Carico’s Juice Extraction Systems offer the consumer greater yield.


  1. My Carico Juicer helped me strengthen my immune system by easily allowing me to do the fruit juices I like to drink every day.

  2. Comencé a trabajar en Carico hace 2 años y 8 meses el en departamento de Collection en P.R. y tuve el privilegio de practicamente ser unas de las primeras personas en el mismo. He ampliado mis conocimentos y me gusta mucho lo que hago. Carico es una Compañía que fabrica, vende, distribuye y financea sus productos..Son muy buenos y sobretodo tienen una excelente garantía. Aqui en la oficina hay un filtro de agua y creanme que la diferencia es increible; en verdad se los recomiendo. Recuerden estoy a su disposicion en el area de Collection ya que nuestos clientes son la razon de ser de esta Compañía.

    **Enid Del Valle**

  3. I bought a Juicer about a year ago. It is great to have a glass of fresh fruit juice every morning! I plan to buy another one as a gift for my sister. The Juicer is easy to use and easy to clean.

  4. Carico juicer is a great unit. I gather the family and we juice together by trying different veggies and fruits. The juicer is easy to clean and easy to use. We love our juicer.

  5. I came in to USA in 1996 and I have been working for Carico since August 1998.
    It has been a great experience.
    Carico has been a very solid Company since 1967.
    Carico is the best source of excellent products.
    I have most of their products.
    My kids love the Juicer(they make their own)
    and the Water Filter(they say no way to compare the water we are drinking with those bottled water we buy in the store)...

  6. I've owned a Carico Nutri-Tech Juicer since 1998. This model did not have the turbo button like the new juicers had and we didn't have a choice of plastic or stainless steel covers. After over 10 years it is still working perfectly. As often as she can, my wife prepares me a morning juice for me to drink on my way to my office. It's amazing to see other people get seasonal flus or show fatigue in their daily activities. For my part, I rarely get sick and I'm able to work over 60 hours per week without affecting my stamina. Drinking natural juices is not only good for my body but an intelligent choice instead of coffee and doughnuts as other people normally choose. Ten years and counting for my Carico Juicer.