Monday, August 3, 2009

Designer Tableware

Carico's Tableware is made out of a high quality surgical stainless steel with the look and feel of sterling, but the strength of stainless steel.

It will never tarnish; it will last forever.

It is dishwasher safe.

There is a selection of place setting and serving pieces for any dining occasion.

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  1. Carico tableware collection is a quality, worthwhile product to own. Each piece is finished to perfection. The handles are hollow, well balanced and have a keen cutting edge. I am so impressed with how easy they are to maintain, never have to worry about polishing the silverware, yet they have the richness of silver. I truly am happy with the Carico Tableware collection that I own.

  2. I love my tableware. Even after 16 years of daily use they still sparkle. They even go in the dishwasher!

  3. Carico Tableware has made my life different. Since I bought Carico Tableware my dinner table looks elegant and sofisticated. I'm so glad with my purchase.

  4. I have owned Carico's Manet pattern of tableware for over 10 years and after many many washings it still looks great and am proud to set my table!
    Thanks Carico

  5. As soon as I put my Carico dinnerware on the table it's instantly going to be a night to remember. My guests are blinded by the brilliant silver finish and they all ask where I got them.

  6. I have been enjoying my Manet tableware service for many years. It is so beautiful & elegant.
    I also use my ¾ qt w/steamer for my vegetables almost every day.