Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh my, bedbugs are on the rise!

Bedbugs have always been a bit of a taboo subject. It's almost as if people hoped that by not speaking of them, they'd never have to deal with them. Unfortunately, we're seeing more and more articles referencing the rapidly growing bedbug epidemic and it's become quite clear that these critters aren't going anywhere.

USA Today referenced a report conducted by Orkin in which US cities were ranked based on the number of bed bug cases reported. While your city may or may not be listed, we have to recognize the fact that these bugs do travel. They're typically picked up in hotel rooms or hand me down furniture so you're essentially bringing them into your clean home.

Did you see the news about the woman who visited Atlantis for a relaxing getaway to be woken up by a bed bug infestation? If you haven't, please check out the full article here.

Ok so now that we know which cities are the most infested and the truth behind how these critters travel into your home, what is it you can do that can prevent them from becoming an epidemic?

  • Check secondhand furniture for any sights of bug infestation before bringing them home. 
  • Use a protective cover that encases mattresses and box spring, eliminating common hiding spots. Light colors make the bed bugs easier to see. 
  • Reduce clutter in your home to prevent hiding places
  • Vacuum frequently to remove any hitchhiking bedbugs
  • Wash sheets in the highest temperature of water and be cautious when using shared laundry facilities. 
  • Protect your home and bed with silver 
  • Install door sweets to cover the bottom of doors
While many of the above mentioned suggestions are excellent options for controlling the spread of bed bugs, they can still make their way through your home. To guarantee a restful nights sleep, free of the anxieties of creepy crawlers making their way through your sheets, it starts with protecting your mattress. Carico International's Ultra Tech Silver Collection Sleeping System offers multiple layers fused with silver threads to protect from critters such as dust mites, bed bugs and termites to name a few. This feature is just one of many that Carico has incorporated to ensure you're getting the best night sleep always. Contact us for more information.
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