Saturday, May 14, 2011

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Growing up, our parents constantly nagged us about eating all of our veggies...

In school we were taught the importance of consuming 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables as part of the food pyramid....

As adults, life keeps us so busy that we barely can grab that "apple a day" in an attempt to keep the doctor away...Many of us barely have the time to stop and have three decent meals a day much less factor in that many servings of fruits and vegetables; so in reality how on earth can we begin to think of consuming 5-9 servings of fruits AND vegetables a day!? It's juicing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Juicing can lower the risk of:

* Heart disease
* Cancer
* High blood preasure
* Diabetes
* Osteoporosis
* Artriris
* Colds and flu

Many of us can't imagine where to begin...what to juice, how much to juice, how many times a day to juice?

The answer is quite simple...start with drinking 2 glasses of fresh juice a day, try to get to 4 glasses a day with a balanced diet and you'll be feeling great! So what do you juice? Start with a simple mix of fruits and vegetables.

The Potassium Broth is my favorite recipe base:

Handful of parsley
Handful of spinach
4-5 carrots, greens removed
2 stalks celery

I like to add a piece of ginger, half a cucumber, a handful of kale, and/or half a green apple to the lightens it up a bit and the green apple gives it a fresh taste...

In reality, you can play with the mix anyway you'd like...juicing gives you all the minerals and nutrients your body isn't getting and you can mix it up with some of your favorites...try a beet instead of a carrot one day...throw some citrus in the mix, maybe some asparagus instead of spinach! Have some fun with it...

Once your body starts getting its much needed 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies a day, your skin will start to glow, your energy levels will rise, and overall you're going to look and feel fantastic!

Happy Juicing!

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