Wednesday, December 23, 2009

While holidays have kids smiling, stress a good diet Dec. 22, 2009, 7:52PM

Carico's Ultra Tech Nutritional cookware is helping more babies, children, and adults eat healthier more nutritious meals. Carico's Ultra Tech II Nutritional Cookware cooks vegetables without water. So there is no need for steaming, or boiling your vegetables. Foods look better, taste better and are healthier for you. Cooking without boiling, and steaming your foods in Carico's Ultra Tech II nutritional cookware will help preserve the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in your fresh foods.

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  1. For over 35 years I have cooked my foods in waterless cookware. The fresh vegetables or frozen not only look better, they taste better and are more nutritious and healthier. My children have always enjoyed the taste of fresh waterless cooked vegetables. I have tried cooking in several of the top leading waterless and greaseless cookware pans. The best waterless and greaseless cookware is from Carico. Their brand is called Ultra Tech II. It has a very thick core and heats far superior to others. We only need to use low heat and foods cook quickly without destroying the nutrients. It is the only cookware that offers a true, precise and accurate temperature gauge, which takes the guess work out of cooking and insure that you never burn a meal again. I highly recommend Carico’s Ultra Tech II cookware.