Thursday, July 23, 2009

Air Purification

Carico's Air Purification System is the most advanced Air Filtration System in the World!

Breath cleaner, fresher and healthier air.

The Carico Nutri-Tech air purification system is the complete solution to your indoor air pollution.
When you own Carico’s Nutri-tech, you own the most advanced combination of air filtration and purification technologies in the world.

It will remove pollen, dust, viruses, bacteria, mold, spores, tobacco smoke, cooking odors, dust mite allergens, fumes, gas odors, pet dander, and much more.

Nutri-Tech’s powerful motor will filter the air in most large rooms up to 3 times an hour making the “Carico” air you breath up to 99.97% cleaner, helping to reduce allergy and asthma flare-ups, providing everyone with a safer, more comfortable indoor environment.

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  1. The Nutri-Tech Air purification system from
    Carico offers your family total protection with its 9 unique filtering

  2. As soon as I got my Carico air filter and plugged it in I watched in utter amazement as it sucked in a small piece of dust. I took a deep breath of air and it was the freshest in the world.

  3. The air purification system has changed our lives!!
    My son has asthma and along with the medicine we have seen how his health has improved after we started using the air purifier; now he's able to play, run, swim... have a normal childhood.
    I really recomend Carico's products.. the quiality is fantastic.

  4. Having a new infant in the house, it is vitally important to their development to breathe clean air.
    The Carico Air Filter really helps to accomplish this. We also have cats and I vaccume the filter cartridge every month, sometimes more in the summer when the cats shed. If one could see the amount of dust, debri and cat hair that is caught on both of the cartridges, you would be amazed. I also wonder, if this debri was not caught in this filter, where would it be? Inside the delicate little lungs of our precious baby girl. This filter really offers peace of mind.

  5. I had the whole house water filter for over 10 years. It was the best investment that I made for my familly. Water tastes delicious and I save a lot of money. We don't buy bottle water since we installed our filter. Carico has a very good custumer service.

  6. Michael and Karen D'OnofrioSeptember 10, 2009 at 6:50 PM

    We had gotten so complacent about our children's health that we didn't think when we took a trip recently and left their medication at home. When we were in a hotel environment for over a week, our sons both came down with severe asthma symptoms as well as eczema problems. We couldn't wait to get back home to our Carico products. Now we take the purifier with us whenever we travel by vehicle. Unfortunately, our Carico Water System isn't so portable.

  7. Carico's NUTRI TECH air purifier has one of the deepest media beds in existence! In addition, the "Deluxe Model" has a tenth stage which utilizes ozone. Ozone is simply an oxygen molecule that when it comes into contact with any heavy odor that does not like oxygen, it is eliminated. Since it is not always practical to "air out" and indoor environment, oxygen (ozone) can be responsibly produced to purify the indoor air.

  8. I own a Carico air purifier system which has been a blessing. My daughter's asthma has been under control.

  9. When I heard that one of the most important elements of life was also the one that many take most for granted, which is the air we breathe, I realized the importance of purifying my indoor air. Each time someone comes into my home, they comment on how clean the air feels and that there are no odors. People I know who have pets and also own the Carico air purifiers, do not have pet odors. I sleep better and wake more refreshed with Carico Air Purifiers. I never have the lingering cooking odors now that I have the Carico Air Purifier. Every home, business, and school should own and regularly purify their air. After all, air is the most vital element for life, so why take it for granted?

  10. How much are the replacement filters. I can not seem to get a price.

    1. Hello-
      The cost for the air filtration cartridges does vary by air filter model. I would be happy to have one of our customer service representatives call you to go over this with you.
      -Carico International